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Bad Weather?? Get some indoor Disc Golf practice

The wind is having a blast, treating trees like its own personal dance partners, twirling and swirling them around like it's their prom night. And as for the temperature, well, it must have gotten tired of the usual numbers because it's playing hopscotch on the thermometer, going from Arctic freeze to Sahara heat faster than you can say "disc golf." So here I am, stuck indoors, imagining epic drives, and dynamic putts...

Well you can still get some practice in...

Learning to play disc golf indoors can be a great way to practice and improve your skills. While disc golf is typically played outdoors, there are a few items you can purchase to simulate the experience indoors. Here are some equipment options for indoor disc golf practice:

Portable Disc Golf Basket: There are portable disc golf baskets available that you can set up indoors. These baskets are designed to mimic the size and structure of outdoor disc golf baskets. They usually have a metal frame with chains to catch the disc. Look for collapsible or foldable options that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Our top 3 choices :

Practice Net: If you have a space with a high ceiling, you can consider getting a disc golf practice net. These nets are designed to catch discs and can be used for throwing and driving practice indoors. Make sure the net is sturdy and large enough to handle the speed and force of your throws. LINK> POWERNET PRACTICE NET 4 color options

Mini Discs Basket: Mini discs are smaller and lighter versions of regular disc golf discs. They are designed for marking your disc lie , indoor and close-quarters play. They are typically made of soft plastic or rubber and can be used for target practice or putting indoors. You can use your mini markers as your discs!

Open Space: If you have a large enough open space indoors, such as a gymnasium or a spacious basement, you can create a makeshift disc golf course using household items as targets. If you don't have baskets, set up an object course using items like buckets, boxes, or cones as targets so you can practice your throws and approaches.

Remember, while practicing indoors can be helpful for technique and accuracy, But nothing beats playing disc golf outdoors on a real course. is your one-stop-shop for everything related to disc golf. We offer a wide selection of hats, discs, bags, and other accessories that are perfect for players of all levels. Our website features detailed product descriptions and customer reviews to help you find the best gear for your needs. So you can get everything you need without breaking the bank. Visit us today and take your disc golf game to the next level!

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